Awareness is vital to health!
Let me help you create new plans for your health and life and give birth to your new self!

Llynn Newman works on a very broad scale with a tremendous amount of experience in regards to and discussed in her profile. Ms Newman works with each person as an individual with their concerns, lifestyles, favorite foods, dis-eases, stresses, possible medications etc.. Her goal is for this to be a
Stress-less process to maintain and excel in Optimum health!!!

Llynn's specialty is being able to be creative, supportive, gentle and understanding yet structured as to succeed in a mutual goal for her clients, no matter what age or ailment.

Llynn Newman is a Clinical/Medical Nutritionist Nationally/ Internationally recognized& respected..She is also a Master herbalist. She believes in respecting the clients needs & goals. Ms Newman will work with your doctors or medications. To be able to incorporate a well balanced program with ease to the client.

An in-depth clinical nutritional & herbal approach to the rebuilding of health for adults & children.
Nutrition has been shown to be important in the treatment of stress reduction and the support or prevention of:
•ADD/ADHD• Autism•
•Allergies • Cancer•Critical Care•
•Cardiovascular Disease • Celiac • Weight Management•
•Eating/GI Disorders • Detox • Candida• Fatigue/EBV•Fibromyalgia•
•Osteoporosis • Hormone • Arthritis • Biochemical Analysis•Orthomolecular Nutrition•
•And so much more•

HERBOLOGY extends back thousands of years. As an experienced Herbalist, I work with herbs and the individual to assist in attaining harmony for strengthening, toning and supporting your life with health!

Naturally, gently and simply.
If you have a medical problem, I can consult your physician. Today much health improvement takes real work on your part and the daily care of focusing more on each individual's personal health education and prevention.
Llynn' Newman  MS, CN
Llynn' Newman, MS, CN, AHG
NYS Lic. / Certified Nutritionist
Certified Herbologist / Iridologist
Wholistic Counselor / Educator
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Over 30 Years Experience
For Appointments Call
516 674 4868
Gift Certificates available & now accepting credit cards

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